Its just easier

Inspired by love letters

I started just playing around with things I had around the house that I thought related to the subject of love and love letters. I ended up with a very experimental video that could lead to multiple outcomes

I love stamps, and I feel like picking an interesting stamp for a letter can make it seem all the more special. These pictures/GIFs are all from my personal collection of stamps  

Untitled_Artwork (1).gif

This is my first draft for my final piece, I wanted to not only look and letter writing but other physical forms of communication that we are losing thanks to modern tech. I took the modern vision of these forms of communication and then showed the more traditional that we should be used instead (as it’s not the final it’s not completely finished, hence the green phone screen)

'It's just easier' final animation 

I ended up doing stop-motion style animation to really hammer home the homemade aspect I was going for.